Practice Area


Indonesian criminal law is developing. Since 2016 the subject of a criminal charge no longer limited to individuals. Corporations may also be charged with criminal offence due to the actions of its employee and or other party and therefore liable for the penalty. With this development, our office have been giving advises to multinational corporations and/or foreign firm related to the criminal risk of every action that the corporation taken. Beside that we also advise and accompany corporations and/or its employee or executives in all stages of criminal enforcement. Our office also advised and accompanied individual in the criminal cases. 

With respect to criminal cases, our lawyers have significant experience in advising and accompanying and/or defending the clients in both investigation investigations and/or in court proceeding.

  1. Accompanied PT Ingersoll-Rand Indonesia with regard to criminal case; 
  2. Advised and assisted PT Alstom Power Indonesia with respect to criminal case; 
  3. Advised and assisted PT Seamless Pipe Indonesia Jaya with respect to criminal case; 
  4. Accompanied Directors and Staffs of PT Nuansa Sakti Kencana and PT Bima Gema Permata during the investigation process by East Kalimantan Police Department with respect to coal mining royalty fees and land dispute in coal mining area; 
  5. Accompanied Foreign Project Manager and Staffs of PT Nuansa Sakti Kencana and PT Bima Gema Permata in the negotiation with local peoples with regard to royalty fees of mining and land dispute at Tanah Grogot/Paser Police Office; 
  6. Accompanied Staff of Aljazeera Network during the investigation by Densus 88 Mabes Polri (Special Unit of Anti-Terror of Indonesian Police Department) with respect to Terrorism Case in Jakarta, Indonesia; 
  7. Accompanied Director and Staff of PT Boart Longyear during the investigation by Tanjung Priok Police; 
  8. Accompanied President Director of PT CIU, insurance company of Mandala; 
  9. Accompanied PT Trane Indonesia in a criminal case before the Surabaya District Court; 
  10. Accompanied the President Director and Management of PT Kaltim Prima Coal during the prosecutor investigation at the Balikpapan Prosecutor’s Office; 
  11. Accompanied the President Director of PT Apco Worldwide during a police investigation at the Office of Balikpapan Police; 
  12. Accompanied the management and employees of BP West Java Ltd during a police investigation by Polda Metro Jaya
  13. Accompanied PT Trane Indonesia and its President Director in a process of investigation at Police Department and Public Prosecutor Office of Republic of Indonesia; 
  14. Accompanied the management of PT Alico during a police investigation at the Office of the South Jakarta Police; 
  15. Accompanied the management of the Shangri-La Hotel during a police investigation at the Office of Polda Metro Jaya
  16. Accompanied employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross during a police investigation at the Office of Dili, East Timor Police Force; 
  17. Accompanied the management of Morgan, Lewis & Bockins LLP during a police investigation at Police Headquarters; 
  18. Accompanied employees of PT Rekayasa Industri during a prosecutor investigation at the Office of the Pontianak High Prosecutor; 
  19. Accompanied PT Boart Longyear in filing a Police Report against its business partner at Polda Metro Jaya
  20. Defended a family member of the Hero Supermarket chain in a hearing at the Cibinong District Court; 
  21. Defended employees of PT Asiatic Persada in an alleged torture case at the Muara Bulian District Court, Jambi;
  22. Advised Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, the Prince of Kelantan, Malaysia with respect to a Defamation Case in Indonesia.