Practice Area

General Corporate

In corporate matters, our lawyers are ready to provide legal advice and opinions for companies and individuals in various legal issues in relation to commercial corporate and investment to mitigate the litigation risks.

Following are general corporate matters which have been handled by our office from 2008 up to now:

  1. Assisted and advised Indonesian Finance Consultant related to potential investment in Indonesia;
  2. Advised PT Balai Lelang Caready regarding the online automotive auction agreement; 
  3. Advised PT GHL Indonesia with regards to the independent sales organization agreement;
  4. Advised Kennedys (Singapore) regarding legal matter related power plant in Indonesia;
  5. Advised PT Jakarta International Container Terminal with regard to Verified Gross Mass of container;
  6. Advised Embraer S.A. with regard to sales and purchase agreement of heavy weapon system;
  7. Advised Barilla G. e R. Fratelli Societa per Azioni, Socio Unico with respect to termination of distributorship relation;
  8. Advised Caelus Energy South Bengara II Pte. Ltd. with respect to implementation of agreement;
  9. Advised  Campbell  Arnott’s with regard to Bank Guarantee;
  10. Advised LIM Asia Multi Strategi Fund, Inc. with regard to syndication loan;
  11. Advised 3H Co., Ltd with regard to shares acquisition and mining investment;
  12. Advised Eurosport SA concerning Broadcasting and Distribution Agreement;
  13. Advised PT Gag Nikel with respect to the land acquisition matters in Gag Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua;
  14. Advised Sealy Madad Pty. Ltd. with respect to the Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark) matters in Indonesia.