Practice Area


With respect to the Anti Monopoly and unfair business competition cases, our lawyers have handled the following cases:

  1. Represented PT Pertamina (Persero) Tbk in a competition case with regard to accusation of Article 22 of Competition Law regarding conspiracy of Beauty Contest of Donggi Sendoro LNG Project in the Appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court process;
  2. Represented PT Semen Gresik (Persero), Tbk. a State Owned Company with regard to accusation of Article 5 and Article 11 regarding Price Fixing and Cartel at the Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition/KPPU;
  3. Represented subsidiaries Indonesia Communication Limited (ICL) and Indonesia Communication Pte. Ltd. (ICPL) in the Class Action lawsuit with regard to Decision of KPPU Number 07/KPPU-L/2007 concerning Cross Ownership of Temasek Group before Tangerang District Court;
  4. Our partner has also represented Goldman Sachs Pte Ltd (Singapore) before the Central Jakarta District Court and the the Indonesian Supreme Court;
  5. Our partner has also represented BP Berau Ltd., in the hearing at the Commission of Unfair Business Competition.