Fredrik J. Pinakunary Law Offices is law firm that provide a full-fledged and general legal services. Nevertheless, Fredrik J. Pinakunary Law Offices concentrates and specialized in the areas of dispute resolution in civil and commercial, criminal, administrative, bankruptcy, competition, constitutional court, arbitration and alternative dispute settlement. Our firm also provides legal services in general corporate.

In addition to represent/accompany Clients with respect to their legal dispute, our office has also maintained other legal services by providing legal opinion (advisory), among others:

  1. Advising PT Air Asia Indonesia with respect of settlement of severance payment and other claims between PT Air Asia Indonesia and legal heirs of passengers of QZ 8501;
  1. Advising Zurich Insurance with respect of claim under insurance policy (2014);
  1. Advising PT Indominco Mandiri in respect to an administrative claim and tax law (2013);
  1. Advising Barilla G. e R. Fratelli Societa per Azioni, Socio Unico, a food company from Italia, with respect to termination of distributorship relation (2013);
  1. Advising Caelus Energy South Bengara II Pte Ltd, an oil and gas company located in Indonesia with respect to implementation of agreement (2013);
  1. Advising Ace Insurance Limited with regard to insurance claim addressed to one of its group members (2013);
  1. Advising  Campbell  Arnott’s,  a  food  company  which  is  headquartered  in Australia with regard to Bank Guarantee (2012);
  1. Advising Astra International, a trading company that listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (2012);
  1. Advising East Asia Minerals Corporations, a Canadian company in coal/gold mining (registered in Canadian Stock Exchange) related with a civil case before District Court of Central Jakarta (2012);
  1. Advising JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association in potential civil case regarding derivative transaction (2012)
  1. Advising PT Toyota Astra Motor, Tbk with regard to potential case before Indonesia Distric Court. (2012)
  1. Advising PT Boart Longyear with regard to employment issue (2012)
  1. Advising PT Kaltim Parna Industri with regard to employment issue (2012)
  1. Advising Morgan Stanley Bank and Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited (2011);
  1. Advising LIM Asia Multi Strategi Fund, Inc. with regard to syndication loan (2011);
  1. Advising 3H Co., Ltd with regard to shares acquisition and mining investment (2011);
  1. Advising PT Combiphar in bankruptcy against Pharmaceutical Company before Commercial Court of Central Jakarta (2011)
  1. Advising and accompanying subsidiary of Boart Longyear (PT Boart Longyear Indonesia) with regard to oil and gas case (2011);
  1. Advising Eurosport SA concerning Broadcasting and Distribution Agreement (2011 & 2012)
  1. Advising ING Bank London with respect to in absentia case (2010);
  1. Advising Scomi Marine Bhd  ( with regard to breach of contract (2010);
  1. Advising Trafigura Pte. Ltd. a company domiciled in England with regard to a maritime case (2009);
  1. Advising PT Pelayaran Tempuran Emas Tbk. (Temasline) with regard to a breach of contract issues (2009);
  1. Advising the subsidiary of BHP Biliton (PT Gag Nikel) with respect to the land acquisition matters in Gag Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua (2008);
  1. Advising Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, the Prince of Kelantan, Malaysia with respect to a Defamation Case in Indonesia (2009);
  1. Advising Sealy Madad Pty Ltd with respect to the Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark) matters in Indonesia (2008);